Chef’s Larder Pub Style Pickled Eggs and Chip Shop Style Pickled Eggs at Makro, Enfield

A few days ago on a trip to sunny Enfield. We popped down to the trading area where we took a quick look round the Makro. Look what we found, some large jars of ‘Chef’s Larder’ Pickled Eggs!

We found a few types of pickled eggs were available, but these caught our eye because of the sheer size of the jars!

Pub Style Pickled Eggs

Chef's Larder Pub Style Pickled Eggs

Chip Shop Style Pickled Eggs

Chef's Larder Chip Shop Style Pickled Eggs

Both were priced at £6.99 a jar from Makro, No VAT!
OR £12.95 for 2 Jars!

If you want to buy these and you are not a Makro member or don’t live near a Makro, you can get them online here. If you are looking to buy some pickled egg making equipment, then why not pop over to our shop page where we have a nice easy list of all the things you will need.

Some Hairy Bar Snacks too

While we were there, we also had a quick look down the snack aisle. What did we find? An amazing array of pork scratchings.

Makro Pork Scratchings Selection

As you may be aware, we also like pork scratchings. Anyone who has been on this site before or followed us on social media, whatever, may have picked up on the fact that this is not the only ridiculous site we run/build/design/make etc. We also have our fingers in the pie of the Hairy Bar Snacks Pork Scratchings website. Why not pop over there and have a look, it’s as big a waste of our time as this bl***y site is!