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These accessories are for the pickled egg lover who has everything... ...except one of these...

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Pickled Egg Accessories

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pickled eggs Mug

pickled eggs in a jar
Product details
Mug, ceramic, Brand: groener
GBP 12.99

Product Details

For a nice cuppa at the ready. Solid, handy and in classic shape: this essential breakfast and office companion will look good when you enjoy your favourite hot beverage.

  • Dishwasher-resistant
  • Scratch-proof and UV-resistant
  • Holding capacity: 325ml
  • Material: Ceramics
Tip: Hand-washing makes the print last even longer
size,width=130,height=130 - Pickled Egg Accessories
Size One Size
Dimension A (cm) 3.74
Dimension B (cm) 3.15

detail,width=560,height=150 - Pickled Egg Accessories

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