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Wikipedia pickled egg page
Preparation, Uses and References

Pickled eggs recipe from the Accidental Smallholder
Pickled eggs are easy to produce and taste fabulous – a great accompaniment to salads, cold meat, and fish and chips, or slice for a roll or sandwich.

How to make pickled eggs from Help With Cooking
Including 3 popular recipes for pickling eggs.

The BBC recipe for making pickled eggs – By The Hairy Bikers

The BBC recipe for making pickled SCOTCH eggs – By The Hairy Bikers

Pickled Eggs and Spiced Pickled Eggs from self-sufficient (ish)
The urban guide to almost self-sufficiency (Urban Homesteading)

Pickled Eggs recipe from Cook it Simply

Podge on Beer
Unique Gourmet Pickled Eggs for ‘eggsclusive’ customers at various Essex beer festivals since 2001. They usually involve a lot of chillis.

  1. Nice and Spicy
  2. Hot! Hot! Hot!
  3. 15 week Ring Stingers
  4. Black Peppercorn and Chilli
  5. Just Garlic
  6. Scotch Bonnet with a touch of Garlic
  7. Chilli Chilli Bang Bang
  8. Cinnamon & Clove with a hint of Chilli & Balsamic
  9. Cardamom with a trace of Chilli
  10. Mothers Ruin
  11. Liquorice, Yes, Liquorice
  12. Star Anis
  13. Feel the burn
  14. I’m not eating that!
  15. Rosemary and Garlic
  16. Kafir Lime Leaves
  17. Cumin Seed
  18. Hot Black Beetle Juice
  19. You’ve got to be Joking!
  20. Green Peppercorn & Ginger
  21. Dinosaur Eggs
  22. Orient Eggspress
  23. Hot Cumin
  24. Old Spice
  25. Evil Nasties
  26. Mesquite Smoked

All available to buy from his site!

Pickled Egg Records – Probably no longer maintained

Pickled egg events
A boutique corporate event management agency – Dead Link Now.

Chasing the EGG!
It’s all about Rugby obviously! – Probably no longer maintained

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